DNS - Nameserver (6)

Update Domain Nameserver on, Namecheap, Godaddy, DynaDot, LogicBoxes Based Registrar

Backup/Restore (4)

Tutorials on how to take a backup, Restore backup.

Basics, Abuse & Other Information (2)

Please Read this KB(highly recommended)

cPanel Tutorial (17)

Tutorials on How to use all cPanel Functions.

Databases (5)

About how to Create, Edit, Delete Database or Database Username in cPanel

Dedicated IP (2)

How to order Dedicated IP?, How to Set Dedicated IP in your Domain Registrar? or anything related to Dedicated IP

Installing a Control Panel (1)

Learn how to Install a hosting control panel like cPanel, Plesk, etc.

WHM - Reseller Hosting (8)

Learn How to manage Reseller Hosting, WHM Tutorials


Tutorials for WHMCS

Zamfoo (1)

How to Create an WHM(Reseller) Account using Zamfoo?

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